VC London

Meet the VCs.

These London based ladies are part of a collective of custom builders, designers, riders & friends working & hanging out at The Shop customs in the heart of East London. This year they are teaming up with Babes Ride Out to present Babes Ride Out UK.

Started up just over a year ago by 4 friends as a way to get more women to give motorcycle riding a go, the VCs have grown from teaching women how to ride in carpark behind their workshop, (using their own custom bikes they built themselves) to hooking people up with official training days, arranging meet ups & riding events (including a womens dirt track weekender coming in May this year in association with the DTRA & Greenfields dirt track) to recently launching their own womens moto brand called VCC, thats designed, printed & made at their studio in The Shop.

“The VC, although started by 4 women, isn’t just about getting more women riding (although it would be nice to see alot more on the road & even out the statistics a bit). We’ve always just been about having a good time hanging out with a bunch of friends, riding, wrenching & doing what we love, whether thats on a custom, chop, dirt bike or on a ratty 125cc. In a city like London where its pretty easy to get caught up in the grind were just having a great time living our lives around motorcycles. No pretentiousness or you can’t hang with us vibes. Just bikes, friends & a hell of a good time”.

After travelling out to California last year to the Babes Ride Out event (a ladies only motorcycle camp out & riding weekend, that in the US attracted 1300 female moto riders last year alone) this year the VCs are teaming up with Babes Ride Out to bring the event across the pond to the UK. Set to be a weekend long event of riding, camping & partying (and a few special surprises) along the winding roads & valleys of the Breacon Beacons, this event will be the first of its kind in the UK bringing together riders from all over the UK as well as some from as far as the US & Australia.

Music is "Springfield Cannonball" written and performed by The Coathangers.

For more information on the event coming soon go follow the VC’s on their Instagram @vc_london or at their website at