David Hartley



My film work is best known for it's natural comedy, strong elements of verite, and using actors to achieve unique charicterisations. Careful crafting of the use of thje camera, improvisation. dialogue, location and casting are essential in giving my films that real and observational feel. This has been achieved across the advertising, content and documantary fields. From commercial clients such as Maltesers, Mars, McDonalds, Aldi, Xbox, BT, Mercedes, to content stories, short films and documentaries. While wandering around between film assignments I also take photographs of the people and places I see, concentrating on the unusual, overlooked, out of the way, the in-between and things hiding in plain view.

And why 'incomingchaos'? I hear you ask. It's a nickname I acquired on one of my first jobs as a motorcycle courier in London. There were too many Daves. This call sign stuck when another courier followed me through traffic one day and saw my riding style, after which the controller would radio that there was 'incominchaos' and other riders should keep clear. Now, more than a nickname, it's my gamertag, biking handle and nom de plume.